June 5th 2020 Story


In May 2016, Caveman Craig and Mitch were at the Tiki shack and decided that they were going to have a party to celebrate. They originally wanted to have it in Houston but decided it would be too hot, when they realized Mitch’s home town of Lake Geneva would be a great spot. They told everyone in the bar and an idea was born. Once Dirty Randy discovered that an event was being planned for no real reason, he was ecstatic beyond belief. They casually talked about it and used it as a conversation piece with people they didn’t know for 2 years - mostly at the Tiki Shack (RIP). Things really took off when DJ Ghost found out and demanded that he gets to drop the bass. This is a party for anyone and everyone. If all goes to plan it will feature a birth, a death, a wedding, a funeral, 3 D-list celebrities that were A-list celebrities, and plenty of good times. The party so far has gained a lot of excitement and following so it is going to be the biggest celebration of the millennium!